Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm Always Complaining About FaceBook

I only used it as a way to find old friends and check up on others, anyway. I don't use it every day, but I check and get a reading to see if anyone needs my two cents worth of ignorance and then I'm gone. I am not at all interested in FB games, tags and wot not. I will not be responsible for my friends personal info going out to the stars and shysters all. And it infuriates me that each time I try to log in I get blocked by brand-new offers of ways I can become more self-important and let everyone know where I am, just in case they feel a need to plot my travels on a map.

It scares me that people actually have their day interrupted with a post on their Ipad about how some inconsequential individual is signing off because they have to go nurse the baby. That might cause quite a lot of trouble on our over-crowded freeways. And besides, I'm sure real FB females nurse the baby while they are on Facebook anyway. LOL and ATC.

There. I feel better, using a Google blog to complain about their rival FB. Unfortunately, I had to do a dance to get into the blog today, saying no to a slew of new opportunities to waste my time. They have caught the fever too.

Does anyone else think the computers have already taken over......after all, they apparently doing their own trades and crashed our;stock/bond-markets. They have these little algorithms watching & waiting to pounce when a number shows up. Then they do a quick buy-sale ; move-on, churning billions of dollars in seconds.

They've do a hella job, too, but it doesn't seem legal to me.