Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Welcome to my New Blog!

A number of years ago I started a blog in order to increase "hits" on the computer for my services as a Notary Public.  I have since retired from that profession and decided to pursue a career in writing.  Let's see if I can:  I'm going to use this blog to practise. 

I'm almost 65 now and have made a whole lot of observations, mostly valid I think, but certainly subject to further consideration.   If anyone cares to comment on my angle, please let me know. 

I hope to inspire people by re-viewing, re-seeing, re-telling some of our mutual American History as seen through my own eyes, my own eye-glasses.  I hope to put some interesting questions and comments out there and receive some "new angles" from prospective readers. 

Those of us called Baby Boomers have left a huge Baby Foot Print on this old earth; a subject I like to ponder upon frequently. 

I think I will kick off with the piece I like most to pontificate upon, which has to do with that big fat bullseye on the bottom of our little Baby-Boomer diapers. 
Madison Avenue drooled even more than we as we cut our teeth on Good Ole American Capitalism! Agghaah, a generation of consummate consumers!

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