Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Brother John, WWII Vet, POW, Surrenders to the UCA

He's turning 86 next month and with every day he is getting crankier.  He hurts, he's alone in a huge house he never wanted, he has to take pills every day just to stay alive and cranky.  And he's absolutely furious with what has been done to his USA.  I call it UCA: United Corporations of America. 

When I'm angry, it is such fun to speak to a (possible) audience of sleepy-time Americans and blanket (no pun intended) everybody with the name "Sarah".  Funny, I envision My Sarah's avatar wears spike heels, short skirts and a blazer.  She's a real gotcha girl who shops at Gotschalks and  Wal-Mart and drinks near-beer while she nurses her latest baby, shoots wolves in Russia, and whips up an Apple Pie for the family.  This Sarah can do anything!  She can do it even if she can't!  Well, that's sleepy-time America for you: as long as you stay asleep you can't wake up.  Sarah.

This morning I posted a spot on FaceBook, a video regarding the Senate report of over $30 billion which has been stolen and wasted by contractors. Randi Rhodes was all over this in this in the beginning of the Zips.  Oh, BTW, Sarah, I call the first decade of the 21st century the Zips - meaning zeros, which pretty much explains my opinion on much of what took place then. 

Speaking of Randi, are you aware that she was in the US Air Force, achieved the rank of Airman 1st Class!  Yay Randi!  She was an airplane mechanic and had some training as a flight engineer before she left the service.  Yes:  it was an honorable discharge.

Anyway, it is looking like this awful little thievery by contractors is becoming quite an issue ..... because now the Pentagon faces cuts, too.  Remember, Randi raised the alarm years ago when she broadcast contractors lined up for their cool cash handed to them at midnight from the back of flat bed trucks in Iraq.  She talked about shady doin's and Blackwater and The Magna Carta and she certainly got my brain woke up.  You betcha, Randi may be one foul mouth woman, but she earned my respect and the respect of a lot of other people I respect. 

Oh, well, it's come full circle and you can't get away from it.. or can you,Sarah?  Department of Defense is angwy at their widdle fwiends?  Will they lie, will they scare our sleeping siblings, will they say the House Cleaner hasn't cleaned up their House fast enough and he shouldn't get another term?  We have a fine kettle of fish to fry me a river, Sarah.

It's been a loooong time since Ron suggested the spin of his Trickle Down Theory!  Tell it to the Judge, I say, haul all their thieving rumps to trial, from BoyGeorge, and GunSlinger Cheney to Drug King Rumsfeld and Karl the Rove.  Remember them?  Ron no doubt is spinning in his grave, not just turning over.

Anyway, all our arses are at risk, and it's just a crying shame that even the Hallowed Dept. of Defense is going to have to give up some toys.  Pass me a violin, please.

I have an acquaintance, once dear to me, who's political position is "I don't give a damn as long my shares go up."  This former friend sacrificed his entire family for want of prestige, money and happiness.  He kept his money and laughs loudly these days. Another beloved friend died with those words on her mouth, and she wasn't American.  But her husband was Oil, just like my ex.  Oops. They worship at the alter of their shares still.

Wanna know a secret?  On Russia Today television I heard that Mobile Exxon is joining with a Russian OIL company to explore OIL fields on the Russian Arctic Shelf. It hasn't broke news yet on our giggle channels. Tee Hee! (One day I will offer my opinion on Giggle News).  Meanwhile, our future may be in saying goodbye to another ocean.

My final word to you, Sarah, in honor of our poor Gulf Coast is: Oil and Oceans Don't Mix!

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